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Product Spotlight Archives for May 2017
Scott Demo Day!
May 24, 2017, 12:00 am

It's always fun to hop on the latest and greatest bikes, and we're excited to highlight Scott Bikes here in Northern Michigan. Join us Tuesday, May 30 from 3-8pm for the Scott Demo Day at the Vasa Singletrack Parking Lot. Scott has some incredible options to take out for a spin. 

Scott has been a fixture at City Bike Shop for years and we love the development and evolution that we've seen in the Scale and Spark, their hardtail and full suspension XC bikes. From beginners to some of the fastest riders in the area, you'll find both models the go-to choice of many folks, and with good reason. With plenty of build options, great geometry, and a toughness proven ride after ride, it's a line of bikes we're really happy to have. 

All you need for the demo is a helmet, your pedals (if you want to clip in), and a photo ID. All demos will be first come, first serve, so the earlier you can make it, the better! We'll try to keep rides to the Kinglet loop, so bikes will be in and out every 20-30 minutes or so. We'll also make sure to adjust the seat and suspension so you really get a feel for the ride qualities of the bike you want to test. And please, ride everything! More and more riders are opting for full suspension, and this is a great chance to take a Spark out for a rip to see if you like the feel of a well-designed and perfectly adjusted rig. 

To see the full Scott line-up head here or stop by the shop! 

Scott Bikes Demo Day: A Few Favorites
May 31, 2017, 12:00 am

We had a ton of fun at the Scott Bikes Demo on Tuesday, and we've got a few favorites to share! 

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