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Product Spotlight Archives for March 2018
Fresh Rubber, Spring Edition
March 6, 2018, 10:43 am

The snow might be back, but spring isn’t so far off. We’re getting ready for some big miles on the road before the end of the month, and we’ve picked a few sets of tires to freshen up your ride and get your ready to roll into April.

With the trails subject to a pretty serious freeze and thaw cycle, deep mud, and plenty of packed ice, the roads are often the best place to enjoy the warming temperatures that are surely on their way. But even the pavement can be in a rough state, with lots of dirt, debris, and other hazards testing your tires, wheels, and attention. We’ve picked out a few tried-and-true options to have fewer flats and more fun, as well as a smoother ride.

First up is an option for folks that don’t have tubeless ready rims on their road bikes. At some point, it’s going to be worth it to upgrade, but if you’re sticking with tubes this spring, you’re going to want to grab a pair of high mileage, puncture resistant tires like the Continental Gatorskin. These tires offer a good ride quality with added puncture protection, a good mix for riders who aren’t racing on weekends. In Traverse City, that covers nearly everyone, and the slightly heavier weight (240 grams in the 25c, 300 in 28c) is offset by the slow wear and extremely rare flat.

If your wheels are tubeless ready, then it’s time to pick up some Schwalbe Pro Ones. They’re rated as the fastest tire on the market, but surprisingly still boast a very high degree of puncture resistance. Available from 23c-28c, these are some of the best all-around tires on the market, and with a tubeless set-up, only the most grievous cuts will see you forced to stop due to tire issues. Before you grab the comfy 28s, make sure your frame can fit that wide of a tire. If it does, go for the wider tires for more comfort and a nice, smooth ride on the rough Leelanau County tarmac.

Finally, an option for folks who have plenty of tire clearance and a thirst for adventure. We’ve been big fans of the Panaracer Gravel King SK for a while now, and their 35c tire offers plenty of grip, low rolling resistance, and high mileage. Set-up tubeless or tubed, the Gravel King SK is a solid option to open up gravel roads, pavement, and even some firm two-tracks and trails all year long. With so much debris on the roads, slick roads, and piles of sand dotting even the best pavement routes, it’s not a bad idea to go for a bit more traction than a traditional road tire. We’ve put over 3,000 miles on a set of Gravel Kings, with the rear only now needing replacement.

Now is a great time to get your bike in the shop for a spring tune-up and fresh tires, so while the snow is flying, drop off your rig and get it primped and primed for warmer days!


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