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Product Spotlight Archives for December 2018
City Bike Shop Holiday Gift Guide
December 3, 2018, 12:00 am

The holidays don’t have to be hard, especially when you’re buying for a cyclist. Whether you’re a diehard rider yourself or think you have no idea what to get, there are a few safe bets when it comes to grabbing them something for under the tree.

What They Need Now. Oh, winter. Once the soul-destroying bane of the cyclist’s existence, we’re really lucky to have plenty of ways to keep riding fun through spring. Riding inside has been vastly improved in recent years by smart trainers and software like Zwift and TrainerRoad. Smart trainers, in their myriad forms, offer the ability to gather more information and a more realistic ride quality that makes putting miles on the trainer a lot more fun. Units like the Wahoo Kickr offer a realistic feel, changing resistance to mimic climbs in real-time to virtual courses or maps.

While you don’t need a smart trainer to use Zwift or TrainerRoad, it certainly adds a lot to the experience. To get started no matter what your trainer, identify a speed sensor that will work with your desired platform; from there, you’ll be able to decide if the trainer you have now will work, or what you’ll need to get rolling. If all that BLE and ANT+ is too much, we can help you decipher it all!

Choice Trainer: Wahoo Kickr. It’s quickly turned into the industry standard, offering a stable platform that feels incredible real. They’ve also made some big improvements in making the unit quieter, which is sure to keep the whole house happy, as well as offering the new Kickr Climb to make your epic ascents on Watopia even more real- and tough!

Choice Software: Zwift. For most people, it’s still the favorite. Ride four different maps, including the 2018 UCI World Championship course at Innsbruck, as well as join in dozens of group rides and races with athletes from around the world. It’s interactive, seamless, and immersive. Zwift has also expanded its line-up of pre-built workouts and training plans, plus added the ability to build your own. Especially for a rider with limited time, it’s the best way to work in 60-90 minutes of work, then get on with your day.

Choice Fat Bike: Borealis Crestone Eagle NX. Bang for your buck, you just can’t beat it. Borealis offers an incredible light carbon frame that’s been tweaked and changed after years of racing and riding on their Yampa and Echo models. The Creston is 150 grams lighter than the Echo and comes dressed in carbon bars, seatpost, and HED alloy rims. Especially if your plan is to swap out fat tires for plus tires in the spring, it’s a great platform for year-round riding. Plus, the Eagle NX offers a huge 12-speed range that’s perfectly suited for grinding and spinning on snow.

Choice Accessory: You can never have enough lights. With these short days, you almost have to hit the trails in the dark, and great lights can make all the difference. We’ve got a lot of options from Serfas, but the TSL-1200 is still our go-to. Use it at the full 1200 lumens for a short ride, or use one of the lower settings to keep rolling all night long. The external battery pack won’t freeze or die prematurely, and it’s also a great travel companion with a USB port for charging GPS units or cell phones.  


What They Need Later:

Panaracer Gravel King SK. Believe it or not, spring will swing back around, and when it does, having fresh rubber is always a really good idea. Get a great mix of low rolling resistance, grip, and a long wear-life with our favorite gravel tires on the market. Available in a number of widths (we did the 35s) the Gravel King SK has proven itself a capable all-arounder. After thousands of miles, you’ll be glad to have these there for you no matter where the road (or lack of road) takes you.

Scott Arx Plus: Helmets don’t have to look nerdy. Scott’s Arx does a great job of balances aesthetics and aerodynamics to make a sharp lid that has become the City Bike Shop team’s favorite. They’re working in three new colors for 2019, and since manufacturers recommend getting a new helmet every two years, it might the right time to get a new hue on your head.

Shimano RP400 Road Shoes. Getting the right shoe is tough, but the RP400 has been dynamite for CBS over the years. Shimano offers a nice range of shoes, and this model offers the same closure and upper of the higher-end options but with a nylon sole, which makes it affordable. Around here, we’ve got riders that are tough on everything from chains to helmets to shoes, and this is the one you won’t mind getting a little dirty this spring.


What They Always Need

Wahoo Bolt. Wahoo doesn’t make anything vastly better or more complex than Garmin, but what they make tends to operate more smoothly and be geared for folks who aren’t as techy. Simple, reliable, and the most aerodynamic GPS unit on the market, the Bolt is Wahoo’s second full-feature offering since the original Elemnt. It has great battery life, excellent mapping and live-tracking, and a rugged design that holds up in snow, rain, mud, and even sunshine, if you ever run into that.

Gift Card. Sure, it may not be ‘personal’, but as any cyclist and they always need something else...even if they’re not 100% sure what it is yet. It’s December; there’s a lot of cold weather ahead, and they might need gloves, bar mitts, or boots; by spring, a full tune-up or new shoes might be the way to go. Let them make the decision; you just need to know how much the card is good for!

Zwift: Group Rides From the Basement
December 10, 2018, 1:12 pm

Zwift just launched a whole slew of cool updates just in time for winter, but there’s one new feature that you may have missed. Virtual group rides just got a lot more interesting!

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