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September 11, 2017, 12:00 am

As we roll into a busy season of riding and racing, we'll be taking a look at the little things that can make a big difference in the quality of your ride. This is about more than just 'marginal gains' for racers; these are things that we think can make every bike ride more fun, no matter what your interest, style, or ability. One place we always start is the all-important contact point of the foot. You body connects to the bike at your hands, your butt, but also critically at your feet. This is where energy turns to forward motion, and your feet are the start of a whole chain of events that impact your ankles, knees, hips, and back. You're going to want to take care of them! 

Shoes make a difference. Balancing weight, stiffness, and comfort that lasts the whole ride, shoes take the brunt of your power and are critical to efficient transfer from legs to pedals to the wheel. Getting the right shoe and the right fit can make a big difference in performance, but also in having more fun. 

Once you've nailed the size, the tightening system of your shoe allows for minute adjustability that can actually change throughout the season and even throughout the ride. Cold weather might mean slightly thicker socks, and in summer heat, your foot actually swells. Making little adjustments on the fly can be a great feature, and it's why you see the boa system on so many shoes, no matter the brand. 

SCOTT's MTB shoe taps the technology as a part of a complete system that keeps a tight but dynamic fit over the top of the foot. The closure is asymmetric, which helps move pressure to the side, where there's less stress and discomfort. The sole, too,  is ergonomically designed and made of a nylon and carbon fiber weave that's nice and stiff for good power transfer. 

Our go-to pick weighs in at just 360 grams for a men's 8.5, and we've got quite a few in stock. Come on by and freshen up your shoe game for fall! 


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