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December 18, 2018, 12:00 am

No one stays inside because of the snow and ice. In fact, the more snow, the better! The real challenge for winter riding, whether it’s commuting around town, hitting the fat bike trails, or hitting some pavement, it’s the cold that keeps us inside.

Having the right gear is huge, and the old saying that there isn’t bad weather, just bad clothing, is never truer than in a northern Michigan winter. That’s why we are stoked to see 45NRTH open to all bike shops, and it’s definitely our go-to fat bike gear here at City Bike Shop. We’ve always tried to keep 45NRTH fat bike tires, studded tires, and winter boots around so our riders have access to what they need to brave the cold. While we don’t have much snow (yet) this winter, it’s only December, and we’re really looking forward to plenty of time outside.

45NRTH makes just about everything you need to ride all winter long, but we did pick out a few pieces that we think are essential for having a fun, enjoyable time in the woods, even when the temperature dives well below freezing. Check out our favorite gloves, boots, and accessories for riding deep into January, February, and March.

Gloves. What we’ve learned over the years is that most riders have trouble with either their hands or feet getting cold. One set of extremities seems to be an issue, and for those with quick-to-freeze hands, there’s only one answer; get the best gloves you can. The Sturmfist 4 is the warmest glove we’ve ridden, and even for riders with cold digits, this gets you well below freezing without issue. They’re actually two pairs of gloves in one, utilizing a merino wool liner under a windproof, waterproof shell.

Boots. For other riders, the feet go cold first. This is a really tough issue for long fat bike rides, but just as much of a problem for people who commute or ride pavement. Even really nice winter boots are just too heavy to ride for very long, and most aren’t designed to handle any additional windchill from riding over ten or fifteen miles per hour. 45NRTH’s best offering is the Wolvhammer, a model they’ve redesigned and retouched year after year to always improve upon. For this season, they’ve added a BOA closure that fits snug, but you’ll really appreciate when you’re trying to adjust with gloves on; no more straps or laces that require bare fingers!

Neck Gaiter. Especially for the first fifteen to twenty minutes of a ride, it’s often your exposed face that takes the brunt of the cold. We never ride without a little neck protection, and the Blowtorch offers great protection from the wind without too much added bulk. It has a smart cut that makes it easy to pull up over your chin, mouth, and nose, plus a long neck to tuck deep under your jacket. Pair this with some glasses or goggles and your face is well covered against the frosty whipping wind.

45NRTH is also the very best fat bike tire company, and we stock a big selection of their tires year-round to help give you a choice between their offering. Call the shop or stop by to learn more about what fat bike tire might be the best for how and where you ride, and check out the rest of the 45NRTH gear we’ve got bouncing around while you’re here!


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