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December 10, 2018, 1:12 pm

Zwift just launched a whole slew of cool updates just in time for winter, but there’s one new feature that you may have missed. Virtual group rides just got a lot more interesting!

Zwift is the ultimate indoor training tool, especially if you like to meet up for a group ride. Zwift has long offered a comprehensive group ride calendar that’s grown from off-platform to an integrated and fully supported part of the software’s design. There are rides at all hours of the day, with riders from around the globe-hopping in for races, workouts, training rides, and even virtual grand fondos.

The drawback, however, was that all of these rides came from a relatively small group of organizations, and putting your own ride together often came down to texting, emailing, or posting on Strava. Well, Zwift’s freshly updated Companion App finally has the fix. Now, users can invite up to 50 of their Followers to join a ride, with the ability to plan the ride up to seven days away. 

There are a few drawbacks we’d like to see switched. First, you can only schedule your Meet-Up for the scheduled map. That means that even if you and your crew really want to ride, say, Watopia’s Big Loop, you’ll have to wait until the schedule hits Watopia. That’s a bit of a shift from Zwift’s Events, which swap worlds, regardless of the schedule. You can also only schedule three events in 24 hours, and no further than seven days in advance, which makes creating recurring or bi-weekly events a bit more labor intensive. 

The update also offered the ability to unlock Level 50. Much like a normal video game, each level is earned by earning Experience Points (just 'XP' in the game) which gives you access to in-game perks like new bikes and gear for your avatar, plus the ability to ride some exclusive routes on the map. Doing workouts, group rides, and racking up miles earn you points, which had been capped at 25 for a long time. If you've been riding since hitting Level 25, there's even an accelerated level-up option that'll get you to where you deserve to be a whole lot faster. 

Still, Meet-ups might just be the coolest feature Zwift has unleashed this year, and that’s on top of a totally new map just over a month ago. We’ve just picked up a fresh batch of Wahoo Kickrs, so when you’re ready to hop in the game, literally, swing by and let us get you all set-up! 

For more on the new Meet-Up feature and all things Zwift, we highly recommend Zwift Insider.


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