City Bike Shop Is On The Move!

New Location 747 E. Eighth Street.png

We’re on the move! It’s been an incredibly busy few months. With a gorgeous September, you guys put in some BIG miles and kept us on our toes with service and ordering up some sweet new bikes for fall. Behind the scenes, we reduced our footprint into a smaller space on Union Street and started work on reshaping the new store at 747 E. Eighth Street to be everything we’ve ever wanted. 

In spending a lot of time in our new neighborhood, we’ve already picked up some really cool perks to the new location. First, the all-new Eighth Street is ready! Getting across town is going to be easier than ever, and more bike and pedestrian friendly than ever. The City of Traverse City and the all the people involved in crafting a better Eighth Street corridor have done an awesome job in realizing the potential this area has to serve as more than just a road. The new look really makes it feel like a part of the neighborhoods and businesses that call it home. 

Second, the neighbors are pretty great. Located just across the street from McLain Cycle and Fitness and Brick Wheels, we’re making East Eighth Street the go-to destination for cyclists. In a world where there are over two dozens types and widths of bottom bracket, a dozen different hub spacings, and ever-increasing compatibility issues, if you can’t find what you need with us, somebody on the block is going to make it happen! Local bike shops aren’t rivals; it’s going to take all of us to keep cyclists’ business local in the face of online shopping, and one of the biggest perks of being close together is that we offer more options, more inventory, and more help than the whole world wide web combined, and service to boot. We can’t wait to schedule some block parties next summer! 

Third, Potter’s Bakery is a block away. If you need same-day emergency service, nothing motivates a mechanic more than a doughnut. 

As we make the transition over, we hope you can make an effort to stop by and see the new space as it comes together. It’s going to be just a bit of a work in progress for the first week or so, but we’ll make sure we offer the same great service and same awesome bikes you’ve come to expect from City Bike Shop since 1955. We might be in a new ‘hood, but we’re still crankin’!