Up Next: Peak2Peak Is October 19!


It’s been a hectic, busy start to October, but nothing is going to stop us from making an appearance at Peak2Peak. 

We’re slowly making the big move from Union Street to Eighth Street, and we really appreciate everyone who has stopped by to say hello! The new space is really coming together, and over the next few weeks, we’ll have everything situated. That’s going to be key, because so many of our friends and customers are gearing up for two of the biggest races of the year, Peak2Peak and the Iceman Cometh Challenge. 

Peak2Peak isn’t a spring chicken. While it boldly proclaimed itself a ‘fall classic’ from Day One, it earned that title very early on in its 14-year history. It’s a winning recipe; gorgeous fall colors, a challenging course, and nearly perfect timing for riders looking to be in top shape ahead of Iceman Cometh Challenge. Once, it was considered a tune-up race; now, it’s a very prestigious event in its own right, welcoming some of the best riders in the Midwest like Brian Matter, Jorden Wakeley, Cole House, and more. 

For every level of rider, there’s a good distance for you to race. Choose from one, two, or three ten-mile laps, and get ready for the decisive part of the course. From Sport up to Elite, each lap is punctuated with an ascent of the ski hill. With a sharp, steep hill at the base, it’s a long, long drag to the top. This is where the race is one and lost; for even the fastest riders, it’s a solid four minutes of climbing, while most take closer to eight minutes to make it to the summit! 

Fall is all about keeping going; against the cold, against the rain, against the short days and darkness, races like Peak2Peak are what keep us all motivated. Get yourself signed up and committed and we’ll see you at beautiful Crystal Mountain Resort on Saturday, October 19!