2019 New Bike Spotlight: Scott Addict Gravel 30


We’ve been lusting after this one since it came into the shop very late into the season last fall.

With all eyes on Iceman Cometh from September on, we didn’t get this beauty all attention it deserves. Scott Bikes have always offered some bling-ship bikes, but this one takes the cake. Spec’d to shred, priced to keep to keep a roof over your head, and with looks that make necks snap, the is the do-it-all bike that you’ll have a hard time leaving in the garage.

Now, when we say ‘do-it-all’ we don’t necessarily mean this is going to be your top choice for Mud, Sweat, and Beers, although you could certainly give it a go on this bike. It’s not going to clear 650b tires with a 47 or 2.0 tires, but it should fit a nice wide 32 or 35 that should see you happy on everything but the worst sand. And those skinwall Schwalbe G-Ones don’t just look pretty; they’re tested as some of the most efficient tires on the market, with low rolling resistance and a plush, supple ride. For pavement, gravel, and even some early and late season Vasa Pathway, you’ve got a great tire to just go.

The build is all Syncros for the cockpit, with Shimano 105 everywhere and matching hydraulic brakes. It’s a workman’s bike, tough enough to handle your dusty, muddy rides and keep ticking. We also took a look at the geometry, and we’re pretty happy with how they’ve set up a bike that really has a lot asked of it. The top tube is really true to size, with plenty of head tube for those long days in the saddle. It’s also a nice balance between snappy and stable at 1,017mm, which really suits a bike that will be tossed into the Tuesday Night Ride and onto the gravel roads east of Traverse City.

Scott packs a lot of perks into this bike, and to see that skinwall/tan accent spread from the tires to the seat right out of the box shows just how much Scott pays attention to detail. We’re really excited to get a few more riders on this bike as the roads slowly start to clear and we roll into April. Stop by and see the Scott Addict Gravel 30, or check out what other rigs we’ve got to toss you on!