City Bike Shop Racing Heads To Bear Claw Epic

BCE Team .jpg

We’re headed south for the fifth edition of the Bear Claw Epic! 

Our racing team has some pretty good priorities. Being a mountain biker is tough enough; there’s only so much time in the day, and between work, family, and training, finding time to travel for races isn’t always easy. Our crew does an amazing job managing that balance and by prioritizing the right events to support. One of the top events they refuse to miss? The Bear Claw Epic

Five years ago, Bear Claw Epic saw its first race and became the first Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association trail systems to host an event. The race directors, Michele Andrews and Dustin Webb, built a strong collaborative relationship with the Michigan DNR and laid out a plan; this race is going to support our trail and our community. The race was a huge success, and it’s grown every year since thanks to its incredible organization, a challenging course, and great support from racers, vendors, and sponsors. It’s just fun; there really aren’t many races like it. 

The event has raised money and, maybe even more importantly, a community around the trail that has generated more volunteers, sponsors, and added amenities. Over the past two years, the Cadillac Pathway has been approved to add eleven miles of new singletrack, built a new pavilion, added solar-powered lights to the parking lot, a bike rack, and more room to park, too. The Bear Claw Epic has played a bit role in adding those features and supporting them for the future. 

Of course, the race itself also benefits from a perfect spot in the calendar. Held in late September, it’s the ideal time for racers looking to be in peak shape ahead of the Iceman Cometh Challenge just over a month away. There’s more time to train, sure, but it’s a good look to see where you’re at before the biggest race of the year. The Cadillac Pathway is a sort of micro-Iceman, with laps instead of point-to-point. The course is rarely flat, but the climbs mimic the short one to two-minute efforts that really make or break riders at Iceman. 

City Bike Shop always sends a big crew south for the race and we’re wishing our crew the very best of luck on September 28! 

Interested in racing? Learn more about the course, the cause, and get yourself registered here.