It's the Light Time For Recon: Ride Safe with Giant Head and Tail Lights

Recon Lights Cody.png

It might hurt to hear it, but the days are getting shorter. To keep your miles up, you’re going to need to nudge dawn and dusk a bit with a reliable light.

On September 7, the sun is going to set at a perfectly acceptable 8:10 pm. By September 30, that’ll fall to 7:25. If you account for dusk thirty minutes before sun down, things are going to get grey and dicey quick. To keep riding safe, we’re really strong advocates of riding with head and tail lights as often as possible, especially on the road. Even if you’re on pavement just to get the trailhead or to make an earlier ride, having a blinking light is one of the most simple, no-brainer ways to be safe.

Luckily, technology has come a long ways in the past few years. A decade ago, a 400 lumen light would cost hundreds of dollars; even worse, it would only last an hour, weigh a ton, and start to lose its effectiveness in a year or two. Now, lights like the Giant Recon offer a wide range of mounting and lumen options that cater to different kinds of riders and different kinds of riders.

Along with more tech, the Recon line-up offers a lot more brains, too. Most of the Recon lights available offer SmartMode for both daytime and nighttime riding, adjusting the light output based on speed when paired with your Garmin or ANT+ device. Additionally, they solve the problem of trying to squeeze your light into the already crowded cockpit real estate game by having their light comes with a handlebar mount, under-Garmin mount, and adjustable GoPro mount.

So which one is right for you? For any night riding in the woods, we’d recommend at least 700 lumens. If you’re going to be doing the bulk of your Iceman training in the dark, consider checking on the 1600 lumen option. This will let you do longer rides at higher outputs, or be able to squeeze multiple rides out of a single charge. You’ll know when you’re getting low, too; all Recon models go into flash mode when they hit 20% depletion, so you have a plenty of time to get yourself pointed toward the parking lot.

Check out the Recon line-up, and stop by to see them in person at City Bike Shop!