The Giant Summer Sale: Our Top Picks


The season is just getting started. We might have steamrolled into September, but we’ve still got a full schedule of rides and races on the horizon and, thanks to Giant and Liv, you’ve got a really good excuse to pick up a new bike. 

The Summer Sale is here, and you’ve got a few days left to check out bikes on sale. There are some killer deals on the sale sheet, and to make it easier for you, we picked out three of the best deals. Like what you see? Call us and we’ll get the bike ordered up for you! We typically see bikes in the shop in 5 days, which means you’ll have a leg over the top tube in no time. 

Full Suspension Racer and Shredder: This is a bike we’ve loved since spring. The Giant Anthem 1 NX Eagle is a killer build for anyone who spends all day weaving together mile after mile of singletrack, but still wants to hit the start line at races like Bear Claw Epic and Iceman Cometh Challenge. A tough, lightweight aluminum frame offers up a sturdy platform on 27.5” wheels; ride width rubber for shredding and 2.25”s for race day! The huge gear ratio with SRAM Eagle 12 speed means you’ll never run out of gears here in northern Michigan, and 130mm travel means you’ve got all day comfort, too. Throw in a dropper and 25% off, and you have a bike that’s probably the best deal of the sale! 

Gravel Grinder: The Giant Revolt 2 is the best bang-for-your-buck in the world of gravel, and now it’s an even better deal. Need a bike to rack up road miles, hit the gravel race scene, and explore a mix of pavement, singletrack, and gravel on every ride? Here you go. Take advantage of D-Fuse technology on the handlebars and seatpost for a smooth ride quality, plus massive 45c tire clearance to tackle the sandpits that make up some of the most challenging parts of gravel riding. With 50x34 gearing up front, you’ve got the range to stick your nose in the wind at 30+ and still climb up rocky, loose trails. It might be the most versatile bike Giant bikes, and one of the best-spec’d bikes for the kind of riding most folks will do with it. Through the end of the week, it’s 15% off! 

Get Between The Tape: It’s cyclocross season! The Giant TCX SLR 2 is the perfect bike for the privateer racer. Bomb-proof aluminum frame, SRAM Apex 1 drivetrain, tubeless ready wheels, and hydraulic brakes that make even the most challenging ‘cross courses manageable. If you’re new to cyclocross, this is a great option to get something new, modern, and up for the circuit this fall. There’s a big difference between gravel and cyclocross geometry, and it will only take a lap for you to feel it. 

Give us a call; we can help you size up the right bike and look at everything Giant and Liv have on sale. Stop in and see us; we have a couple of these bikes in stock right now! 

It's the Light Time For Recon: Ride Safe with Giant Head and Tail Lights

Recon Lights Cody.png

It might hurt to hear it, but the days are getting shorter. To keep your miles up, you’re going to need to nudge dawn and dusk a bit with a reliable light.

On September 7, the sun is going to set at a perfectly acceptable 8:10 pm. By September 30, that’ll fall to 7:25. If you account for dusk thirty minutes before sun down, things are going to get grey and dicey quick. To keep riding safe, we’re really strong advocates of riding with head and tail lights as often as possible, especially on the road. Even if you’re on pavement just to get the trailhead or to make an earlier ride, having a blinking light is one of the most simple, no-brainer ways to be safe.

Luckily, technology has come a long ways in the past few years. A decade ago, a 400 lumen light would cost hundreds of dollars; even worse, it would only last an hour, weigh a ton, and start to lose its effectiveness in a year or two. Now, lights like the Giant Recon offer a wide range of mounting and lumen options that cater to different kinds of riders and different kinds of riders.

Along with more tech, the Recon line-up offers a lot more brains, too. Most of the Recon lights available offer SmartMode for both daytime and nighttime riding, adjusting the light output based on speed when paired with your Garmin or ANT+ device. Additionally, they solve the problem of trying to squeeze your light into the already crowded cockpit real estate game by having their light comes with a handlebar mount, under-Garmin mount, and adjustable GoPro mount.

So which one is right for you? For any night riding in the woods, we’d recommend at least 700 lumens. If you’re going to be doing the bulk of your Iceman training in the dark, consider checking on the 1600 lumen option. This will let you do longer rides at higher outputs, or be able to squeeze multiple rides out of a single charge. You’ll know when you’re getting low, too; all Recon models go into flash mode when they hit 20% depletion, so you have a plenty of time to get yourself pointed toward the parking lot.

Check out the Recon line-up, and stop by to see them in person at City Bike Shop!