City Bike Shop Is On The Move This Fall!


Just in case you missed the big news in the TC Ticker last week, City Bike Shop is moving! Since 1955, we’ve been a fixture at 322 Union Street, serving riders from all over Traverse City from the convenience of downtown. With the building sold, we’ve picked out a new spot that’s going to make cyclists really, really happy. 

When we were looking for a new home, there was really only one spot that fit all our needs. Located at 747 E. Eighth Street, our new digs offer plenty of parking, more storage for inventory, and far better access to the TART for bike renters and test rides. It also puts us on the same stretch as our pals McLain Cycle and Fitness and Brick Wheels. For shoppers, this makes for a “Bike Block” where they can shop for anything without having to drive all over town. If you can’t find your new bike at one of these three shops, you just won’t find it! 

Making this move isn’t easy, as we’ve loved our location and all the friends and neighbors we’ve meet over the years. We’re going to miss being next to Old Towne, Sixth Street, and being able to walk downtown for lunch and coffee. But we’re also really excited to be able to reshape the new space to perfectly suit our needs. The service area is going to be dialed in to help us more bikes more efficiently than ever without make Nate, Dustin, and Jeff run downstairs and carry them back up. The whole idea is to make us more efficient to serve you better...and carry even more rad bikes! 

Right now, the place is to make the move to our new location by late September. We’ll keep you in the loop with specifics, but make sure you plan on stopping by to see us before Iceman Cometh Challege to see what’s happening at the new spot! 

Scared of Riding Carbon? Don't Be. Giant Has You Covered.


We’ve all had that buddy. They show up to the group ride and gingerly set their bike down on the ground, lean it precariously against the car, and take a step back to look at it. To us, it looks fine. But to them, it has a problem. Somewhere, usually near the seatpost or maybe on a chain stay, there’s a crack. Or, at the very least, something that looks terrifyingly like a crack. The buddy calls you over, and then everyone over. What do you think of that? Is it a crack?

Riders agonize over the little scraps and marks that are part and parcel to riding, especially riding in the woods. The anxiety of busting a frame has caused some folks we know to swear-off riding carbon frames. While we love steel and aluminum, there are plenty of riders who do benefit from the lightweight and riding characteristics of carbon for racing or just keeping up with pals. Luckily, Giant has your back.

Giant’s new Composite Confidence guarantee takes the stress out of owning a carbon frame or, as their program applies to components as well, anything carbon on your bike. The program, only just announced this spring, covers any broken components for two full years. No other company covers so much for so long, but it’s no surprise that Giant, the makers of most brand’s frames anyway, knows just what their carbon can take.

It’s pretty simple. If you buy anything carbon from an authorized Giant dealer (hey, that’s us) and it breaks while riding, you’re good. It doesn’t cover issues caused off the road or trail, so don’t leave your bike on the roof rack and drive into your garage. We don’t recommend that in any case, but especially not for a carbon warranty claim. If you experience an issue, bring it in. We’ll get the ball rolling for you and make sure you’re back on the trail or road as soon as possible.

For all the details, you can head here.

So what looks good? We’ve got the latest MTB, Road, and Gravel/Cross bikes in stock and ready to rock this spring, so stop by and ride carbon with confidence.