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We believe bikes can bring happiness.
So, go get yourself some happy.

Hunter and Maggie Gardner are the proud owners of City Bike Shop since 2021. You can find Hunter on both the sales floor and in the back servicing bikes and Maggie making sure customer service is on point. 

The Dream Team


Jeff, our industry veteran, will be the guy in service that will walk you through an overview of your bike. He will explain what it needs, what it wants and what it deserves. Your bike has life goals. Think of Jeff as your bike’s life coach. When he isn’t working you can find him crushing a Lumberjack 100, slaying the single track at the VASA, cruising in his adventure van with his wife Becky, or hanging with his kids and grandkids.


Dustin, also known as the Bike Doctor, can be found in service diagnosing and fixing all of your bike’s problems. Trust that he has the right prescription. When he isn’t cranking on bikes, you can catch him hitting jumps at the Commons, climbing at ELEV8, wheeling down the roads of TC, or being a rockstar dad.


Kyan, our sales siren, can be found out on the sales floor helping to make your bike as badass as possible. His smiling face and knowledge about bikes makes everyone feel right at home. When he isn’t working you can find him spending time with friends and family, in the saddle training, or winning races.

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